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 Bulletstorm (PC) Graphics Bugs, Errors, GFWL Fixes, Crashes and PhysX Fix

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PostSubject: Bulletstorm (PC) Graphics Bugs, Errors, GFWL Fixes, Crashes and PhysX Fix   Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:56 am

Problem #2: Encounter bad graphics, blue fog, no antialiasing, and poor textures when running Bulletstorm PC

Possible Solution#1:

Tweak Bulletstorm’s graphic settings using either the Nvidia Control Panel or the Catalyst Control Center

Possible Solution #2:

Download and install an older version of the driver of your video card

Possible Solution #3:

Open the Bulletstorm .ini file and change bUseMaxQualityMode=False to bUseMaxQualityMode=True. You can’t edit the .ini file if you update Bulletstorm though.

Possible Solution #4:

Try reducing the POSTPROCESS QUALITY to LOW in VIDEO settings.

Possible Solution #5:

To make game looks better and don’t “kill” performance, change “AllowD3D10″ form “False” to “True”after opening the .ini file of Bulletstorm.

Problem #3: Encounter low performance / Bullestorm runs very slow when SLI multi-gpu mode is enabled

Possible Solution #1:

GO here;
NVIDIA Inspector Tool – Version 1.95

Once installed;

- Open nvidiaInspector
- Go to configure, button next to Driver version
- Go to profiles and select Bulletstorm
- The .exe they have by default is wrong (shippingpc-geargame.exe). You must add the correct .exe by then clicking on ‘Add application to current profile’ and selecting ShippingPC-StormGame.exe
- Once added scroll down to SLI section
- In section ‘Number of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode’ select ‘SLI_GPU_COUNT_TWO’ for those that have SLI
- Click ‘Apply changes’

Problem #4: Encounter Games for Windows Live ( GFWL ) error / GFWL won’t launch Bulletstorm

Possible Solution #1:

Have Steam verify the integrity of game cache

Possible Solution #2:

Redownload GFWL

Possible Solution #3:

Click on multiplayer or Home to verify code

Problem #5: Bulletstorm runs very slow, choppy framerate, game keeps stuttering

Possible Solution #1:

Lower your video resolution

Problem #6: Can’t install Bulletstorm PC, encounter installation error

Possible Solution #1:

Disable your firewall

Possible Solution #2:

Turn off your anti-virus programs before installation

Possible Solution #3:

uninstall .Net Framework

Possible Solution #4:

Verify integrity of game cache

Problem #8: How to increase anti-aliasing without lowering the performance when playing Bulletstorm PC

Possible Solution #1:

For AMD Radeon video cards only: apply MLAA (morphological anti-aliasing)

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Bulletstorm (PC) Graphics Bugs, Errors, GFWL Fixes, Crashes and PhysX Fix
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