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 [TUT]How do asians Joke?

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PostSubject: [TUT]How do asians Joke?    Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:27 pm

Hi...I'm asian(%50) and today I will show you and teach you some good Jokes. Usually we make jokes that make sense and not make sense. For example:

Girl: My cheeks are cold
Me: Which cheeks?
My friend chubby: LMAO. *whispers* I think she is talking about her butt cheeks
Me: Yea, in a minute there I thought she is talking about her face cold. Oh I failed
Girl: Who yall laughing at?
Me: Your cheeks

(it's embarrassing to tell you the rest, so let's continue).

Also if you try to speak another language it sounds funny even though it doesn't make sense. For example:


This guy is saying: Grab your samurai swords and shave my butt, you floating panda.

Most will laugh.

Another Joke:

Who is the main character in furturama wants to get lazer burn?
Because it wants to get Fried LOL(if you don't get it your despicable)

Why does a Fruit loop wants to go to the top of a hill?
Because it's a fruit roll up.

Also doing stunts and other reckless things are funny too.

Thanks for reading

James tokishima Suzuki terriyaki ninja Baboy 22 street rice in Honolulu

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PostSubject: Re: [TUT]How do asians Joke?    Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:35 pm

hehe nice tut i learn chinese too
y are chinese eyes slanted because they are to busy
they are to busy running a dry cleaners to sleep
(it sux ik but im learning)
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[TUT]How do asians Joke?
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