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 The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites]

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The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites] Empty
PostSubject: The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites]   The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites] Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:48 pm

Well, i have decided to start an internet movement.

I made this quick little "Free GeoHot" banner, to be placed on your websites, blogs, in your sigs, anywhere it can be used, to get the word around that Sony's case against George Hotz (AKA GeoHot) is complete and utter bullshit. For anyone who does not know, George Hotz was responsible for the first "Jailbreak" of the PS3. George also was the first to Jailbreak the iPod as well.

People in the PSP community don't realize exactly how much we all owe to GeoHot. Without his work breaking the PS3, and discovering Sony's "Root Keys" it would be impossible to sign homebrew for use on the PSP on Official Firmware. His work almost completely removed the need for game exploits, because now people like TN and CB and VF can sign their exploits to run right through the XMB.

I, for one, support GeoHot, and the freedom of information. Sony trying to stop him from releasing the Root Keys, and all of his work, is like Microsoft letting you use Windows, but making a database of programs that you can, and can not, install on your computer. Its bullshit.

Here is the image and the code:

The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites] 2im7vkh
I support George Hotz and

BBC Code:
I support George Hotz and

HTML Code:
<center><img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/2im7vkh.png" alt="Free GeoHot NOW!"></br>
I support George Hotz and</br>
the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION</br></center>

Feel free to post and spread this to anyone and anywhere. FIGHT THE POWER!

The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites] Sworn22
If you need help, and can't find me, PM me and I'll help. Please REP + if I did.

Visit and join Sneaky-Media.com for all things awesome Smile
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The Free GeoHot Movement [Banner For Sites]
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