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 basic html tutorial

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basic html tutorial Empty
PostSubject: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1Tue May 10, 2011 4:52 pm

PS: i ddnt kno were to post.

Heyy guys this is my beginers html tutorial
Table of contents
2.Document tags.

HTML is a computer language used
to allow website creation. These
websites can then be viewed by anyone
else using the Internet. It is really
easy to learn, with the basics being accessible to
most people in one and quite powerful in
what it allows you to create.

Document Tags
Document tags are very important in order for the computer
to understand what the documentis about. There are for tags every
document should have. These tags pretty much define what your document
is about. These 4 tags are the <Html>,<head>,<title>,and <body>
These are what the tags aren used for.

<title>Hello username</title>

im CheezyFx


Fonts are used to make text bigger,smaller,
bold,italic,or even colorful. Each font codes
is used dofferentley.
font sizes:
<font size="7"> hii </font>
<font size="24"> hii </font>
Font bold/itallic:
<Font color="pink">heyy</font>
Images are simple.
They can be used to spice up a webpage.
The code used for images is as simple as this
<img> </img>
The difference from a website image and a html
image is you must use different codes
Confused? well here is an example:

website img code:
HTML img code:
<img><a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2igm3qt" target="_blank"><img src="http://i52.tinypic.com/2igm3qt.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a></img>

the paragraph tag is simple and very useful
for blogs and such. it is used to seperate paragraphs with only one tag .
paragraph one
paragraph 2

you might be wondering if you need an end tag.
well the answer is no.
all you need is that simple code

Well guys that my tutorial if i helped please rep+
if there any problems contact me!
just don't spam

This is a sneakycodes.tk tutorials

Dont not ditsibute without permission.
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PostSubject: Re: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1Tue May 10, 2011 7:55 pm

well ima bored so ima add onto this Razz.. ive made many custom HTMl pages but most that are requested are just simple sh*t.. sumthin more complex would be using the <div> command.. which i just call divider.. dont know if it really means that lmao but idc.. ive gotten pretty good at HTMl just on the side.. havnt been doing it latly cuz of school -.-. Cheezy if you need help hit me up and ill do my best.. also anyone else who needs help or wants to be tuaght.. hit me up Razz.. now heres that code i said i was gunna put up..

<title> Hello world</title>
<body bcolor="babbyblue">
<center><font-size="5" font-color="#000000">
Hello World. My name is joe :)</font></center>
thats pretty simple there lmao Razz.. ill explain what all the codes mean and what they do,,
<html>: This code starts the HTML page sequence.. without it the page wont work.. you always start with this command..
<head>: This means Header.. on this site you see TheUnseeNCoderS or sumthin like that on your tab/ Browser.. this means the Title of your page will be desplayed there.
<title>: This is the title of your header.. so in the header if i wanted INFO center.. i would go <title>INFO center</title>
<body>: This is everything you want on your page.. starting with tables, pictures, words, color and so on..
<center>: This command is for centering anything in between the start of it (<center>) and the end of the command (</center>).. if i wanted my name to be pin point center on the page.. i would go <center>Austin</center>
<font>: This command controls the font options, color, size, spacing, and type.. there is also script and style sheets you can use to change it but thats gunna be saved for another time Smile..
</>: THIS / STOPS THE COMMAND SEQUENCE!! after you have put the </center>, </body> and etc. that command has stoped so wont continue to be in use..

like i said.. need any help hit me up..
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PostSubject: Re: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1Thu May 12, 2011 6:39 pm

Ummm.. not to be an inconsiderate asshole, but i don't think that "babbyblue" is a color... babyblue is, but not babbyblue... lmao..

Using the colors names instead of HEX is a bad practice to get into. Use hex values, it works much more efficiently and you can alter a color to look however you would like.

Here, since i am so damn nice, here is a nice Hex color code chart. Use these instead:


Its a huge ass picture, spoiler needed.

basic html tutorial Sworn22
If you need help, and can't find me, PM me and I'll help. Please REP + if I did.

Visit and join Sneaky-Media.com for all things awesome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1Fri May 13, 2011 9:45 am

I /kinda/ exploited another forumotion site that allowed HTML in signatures pretty hard. Might post how to if people are interested.
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PostSubject: Re: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1Fri May 13, 2011 11:47 am

you can get HTML sigs and embeded stuff lol but ik using hex's are better..ive used them since i started html i was just to lazy to put one lmao
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basic html tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Re: basic html tutorial   basic html tutorial Icon_minitime1

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basic html tutorial
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