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 To all staff and members...

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PostSubject: To all staff and members...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:26 am

Dear staff and members of TheUnseeNcodes.com,

I am sorry have to bring this up, but I post this for a necessary reason. There is a lot of collusion and havoc around the site during my past and present experiences on this site. In day I register myself here and unto the day I am right now. I saw a lot of disrespect, assault, hatred, etc to others who's in need for help, not only the people who needed help, but support. Putting others down and showing negative emotion and tone can lead to depression or suicide. You might not know that so far 10 of my friends died from others words like "get the **** out of here, nobody likes you", "go kill yourself","wow your such a noob, go find it yourself you piece of ****", and other hateful words and phrases. We don't if the person you hurt can be sensitive to that. And putting him or her in great pressure.

I don't if you guys remember ch0pSuey in other sites or socom ftb2, but he commit suicide because of your unsupported words. And we don't even know if he is sensitive to that. It is said to see him to get in a lot of pressure to those words. So please show a positive attitude and show some discipline. And support and help others in need, even if they are newbies, you still need to show them the right path of understanding.

Staff...you guys are role models, so far I know a FEW who demonstrated as a good role model and supporting others instead of putting others down. I experience leadership, fellowship, citizenship, self-discipline, etc. As a member I am telling you guys right now. I hope serenity is not sensitive to what guys gave him...sure he is a terrible Admin, but you don't have to take things to far. So far, Traffic is the greatest role model I ever known. He knows how to get things in order and used positive authority, instead of abusing it. He is trying his best to keep the site going and living. Thank you for reading and I hope this lesson will teach you.

_-_EVIL-LOCO_-_ Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: To all staff and members...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:38 am

wise words and everything you say is true.
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To all staff and members...
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