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 Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82

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Seaman Apprentice
Seaman Apprentice

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Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Empty
PostSubject: Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82   Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:58 pm

Damn im back, been 2 years since i left the psp scene and websites in general. Damn fill me in guys, wat did i miss all this time, wats everyone doing. I guess this is where all the ftb2 people chill now right? Damn i no longer ply socom or psp for tht matter so maybe add me on Ps3: SiLenT_SNiPejZ or check out my youtube channel youtube.com/SiLenTSNiPeIR feels good to be back i need catching up! Previously Silent_Sniper82 owner of MidnightGamerz.Com
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Lead Admin
Lead Admin

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Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82   Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:13 pm

Welcome to the site bro!! yea lots of the ftb2 people chill here. well most of them i guess but alot of us still play fbt2!

im glad your here and i hope you enjoy your stay and have fun in our community

Give us your opinion and post comments and vote in our threads!

Your welcome here lol

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Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82   Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:36 am

WHy u delete my post before this silent noob saw? Lol

Stop ruining my fun lol

[quote=]"--Ch33zy--"][quote="Nakama"][01:31:05] Nakama : i know for a fact that i am better than you, so i can't complain, you are just insanely annoying [/quote]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^amen to that!
holo is gnna get pwned[/quote]
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Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82   Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82 Icon_minitime1

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Im Back! -Silent_Sniper82
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