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 In need of youtube layout background

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In need of youtube layout background Empty
PostSubject: In need of youtube layout background   In need of youtube layout background Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:07 am

Id love to have someone make me a layout since im not Gfx artisitic at all and any other info you need to help make the layout just ask, but Id like it to have a combination of music like Dj's stereos ect. in the layout and maybe a bit of gaming mixed in like Cod gta ps3 ect. and last but not least tech like ipods and android phones ect you get the idea, and with blue and black colors but other then that be creative im sure itll look badass in the end. Please and thank you and sorry for so much trouble for it, Id be glad to pay in trident layers ^_^

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In need of youtube layout background
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